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Volunteer in the Grenadines to monitor Nesting Leatherback & Hawksbill - KIDO Foundation


Unofficial: Monique






Carriacou Island, Grenadines of Grenada, West Indies, Caribbean Sea, Grenada


Health Care, Science and Biotech, marine, non profit




Kido Foundation Nesting Sea Turtle Monitoring & Tagging program ongoing since 2002 in the High North Nature Park area in Carriacou. 
Volunteers will actively participate to monitoring and data-collection of 2 critically endangered Sea Turtle Species, Leatherback and Hawksbill, nesting on 3 different beaches on the Island.
Since the inception of this program, the presence of Kido Turtle Team on the nesting beaches discouraged the traditional practice of collecting turtle eggs for local consumption. During these 14 years we never had any confrontation with the egg collectors, on the contrary, some gave up this illegal practice altogether, others directed their search in other non monitored beaches.


- Night patrols on foot, from 8pm to 5.30am, for 5 nights a week. - Working with local guides or field research assistant, helping with tagging post-nesting turtles; carapace measuring and other data collection; disguising tracks and nests; egg counting and mapping nest location. 
- Hatchling monitoring and survival-rate data collection. (Nest excavation)
- Early morning beach patrols (1h) following night patrols, as required 
- Beach clean up 


- Volunteers should have a keen and genuine interest in conservation and ecology and have love and respect for all animals, wild and domestic. 
- Only vegetarians, non-smokers, non-alcohol drinkers and non-drug users accepted
- Volunteers must be good swimmers, physically fit to walk long distances on soft, sandy beaches and nature trails, working in any weather conditions.
- Flexibility to adapt to changing schedules as required & able to adapt to work night-shifts and sleep during the day.
- Be willing to work under instructions as a team member. 
- Volunteers has to keep tidy and clean their quarters at all times, all living spaces at Kido are communal 


- The cost per volunteer is 500 US$ for a minimum of 30 day stay for accommodation, cooking gas and electricity and 15 US$ per day for any additional day.
- Food is purchased and cooked by volunteers.
- Any other expenses, such as flights or other transportation costs are covered by the volunteers.