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Assistant Shooting Sports Director

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Gerber Scout Reservation






Twin Lake, Michigan, United States


Contract, Hospitality and Tourism, Other, Education


Full-time, Contract


The Assistant Shooting Sports Director is namely the assistant to the Shooting Sports Director, and helps oversee all of the shooting sports programs, including rifle, shotgun, muzzleloaders, BB guns and archery during the summer camp program. Safety and education are the first and foremost priorities; therefore, strictly following all the safety regulations related to the area's shooting ranges and activities are a definitive must.

The Assistant Shooting Sports director also fulfills the role of educator to campers who visit the Shooting Sports Area and/or enroll in the Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badges. As a Merit Badge Counselor, it is the Assistant Shooting Sports Directors responsibility to kindly, patiently and safely instruct the young individuals about the fundamentals of shooting sports and safety. Being comfortable working with children and firearms is imperative of the position.

Essential Functions

The Assistant Shooting Sports director acts as an invaluable assistant and steward of the Shooting Sports program areas. He or she is responsible for helping the Director ensure:

  • all the facilities and supplies maintained and used properly, this includes ensuring that all equipment is properly stored and locked up when not in use.
  • an updated inventory of equipment is kept and that supply orders are placed when inventory runs low.
  • a closing inventory and area program report is written and submitted at the end of the summer.
  • all areas are set up and function in a practical, safe, and inviting manner.
  • regular Shooting Sports Area Staff evaluations are completed
  • and that any and all operational and personnel problems are promptly recorded and reported to the Camp Director.

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  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Be willing and able to attend a NRA Instructor training.
  • or hold current USAA/NFAA certifications in the following disciplines: rifle, shotgun, muzzleloaders, BB guns and archery.


  • Approx. 8.5 week long contract with a bi-weekly direct deposit salary. Weekly salary is weighted on applicant experience level.
  • Staff are provided with Food and Board. All staff living quarters are equipped with comfortable amenities.
  • One night off during the weekdays starting by 5:00 PM, and time off from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday each weekend. Breaks during the day are also allotted.
  • Excellent potential for promotion upon return to staff the following summer.
  • Supportive community of fellow staff, new friendships and experiences.