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Summer Camp Chaplain

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Gerber Scout Reservation






Twin Lake, Michigan, United States


Customer Service, Hospitality and Tourism, Summer Camp


Full-time, Contract


Serving as the Camp Chaplain at Gerber Scout Reservation is a unique opportunity . The position carries with it the potential to enrich the lives of both the campers and the chaplain who serves them. The Chaplain’s role on staff is multifaceted; and each day will present itself with new experiences and challenges . However, the Chaplain’s primary focus is to use every encounter and action to foster fellowship and offer guidance to people of all faiths.


  • Facilitate and develop the religious life of the camp ; additionally, act as the primary support for those, both camper and staff, who struggling.
  • Help build camp morale: Regularly visit the sick at the health lodge, check in with staff members who are struggling, provide support for distressed or grieving individuals (be there to share the burden of family emergencies, news of a loved one’s death, accidents, etc.)
  • Visit with troops regularly and offer assistance when requested; for example, helping Scout leaders handle behavior problems.
  • Help foster positive relations among camp staff . In the face of strife, approach patiently, without judgment and offer to help navigate the interpersonal conflict as a neutral third party.
  • Facilitate constructive conflict resolution ; using the opportunity to teach the staff how navigate away from confronting conflict in counterproductive and negative ways.


  • Provide an adequate spiritual counseling to the campers and staff members in need.
  • Lead worship services which foster an interfaith spirituality at camp.
  • Help youth, leaders, and staff members grow in their relationship to God and to fellow campers.
  • Help foster high moral standards among all members of the camp community.
  • Develop interest among youth in participating in the available religious programs for their respective faiths.
  • Make the camp director aware of special needs and concerns within the camp community.
  • Perform other duties as assigned, as in helping at the Health Lodge, assisting the Commissioners, working in the Camp Officer or filling for staff in program areas.


  • Must be 21 Years or older


  • Approx. 8.5 week long contract with a bi-weekly direct deposit salary. Weekly salary is weighted on applicant experience level.
  • Staff are provided with Food and Board. All staff living quarters are equipped with comfortable amenities.
  • One night off during the weekdays starting by 5:00 PM, and time off from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday each weekend. Breaks during the day are also allotted.
  • Excellent potential for promotion upon return to staff the following summer.
  • Supportive community of fellow staff, new friendships and experiences.