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Systems Engineer


The Recruitment Company Midlands Ltd






Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom


Engineering, Management and Executive, Manufacturing and Production, Science and Biotech, Software and Programming




We are currently recruiting for a SYSTEMS ENGINEER to contribute to the development of high-performance, cost effective and reliable systems & components for our client's range of products.


•To provide innovative physics, chemistry, precision mechanics, optics, mathematical analysis, signal processing and control or other scientific contribution to the design of our client’s range of products.
•To understand customer requirements including the nature of the application and how this relates to the overall system capability.
•To gain an understanding of all aspects from introduction of the sample to generation and storage of the result.
•From time to time to take on the role of lead of a development team providing team leadership and design direction as appropriate to the size of project.
•To ensure the design follows the documented NPI process.
•To participate in the development of products as part of multi-disciplinary project teams and to work within project timescales, providing progress indication and task estimates as necessary.
•To liaise with other groups in the transfer of designs / drawings and the definition of system testing procedures and to liaise with operations/test group to ensure that system build/test procedures are appropriate for new systems.
•To solve product problems relating to the operation, liaising with other technical specialists as necessary.
•To liaise with suppliers in defining the choice of components with particular emphasis on key sensors and state of art technology.
•To acquire, maintain and disseminate knowledge of up-to-date technology and its potential application.
•To assist in training courses for internal and external personnel.

•Innovative design
•Accurate, precise, fit for purpose systems
•Manufacture/test for reliability

•Proposing suitable systems and product architectures that reflect customer requirements.
•Definitions of acceptance tests to ensure required functionality is met.
•Ensuring that developed products are compliant with relevant regulations.

Customer and Supplier Communications
•Contact with customers will be necessary and encouraged from time to time.
•Establishing good relationships with suppliers in conjunction with our own materials group will be very important, maintaining our best interest at all times.
•Working from time to time with external design / development partners, both in the UK and offshore.

Internal Communication
The development groups work in multidisciplinary project teams involving both NPI, Applications, Operations and Marketing groups.
•Key links will be with the Project Manager and Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Marketing, Customer Support and Operation test engineers.


Working in office and lab environment within multidisciplinary project teams. Access to PC-based electronic and optical CAD systems, relevant software tools and good experimental facilities.

Contractual hours 37.5 hrs per week, with a flexible approach to managing unpredictable workloads. This is a salaried position, which will be negotiated based upon your previous experience and overall suitability.

Entry Qualifications

•Ideally: Graduate Physicist, Engineer, Mathematician or equivalent. PhD in relevant discipline may be useful.

Skills& Experience
•3 – 5 years’ experience minimum in a scientific product development environment with specific experience of real time systems, Laser Light Scattering, Photon Correlation Spectroscopy, Imaging Systems, Rheology and / or related sub-systems.

•Excellent problem solving ability and analytical skills. The ability to solve complex systems problems using a combination of sound experimental technique and good analytical understanding is of particular importance at this level.
•Good experimental techniques, mathematical modelling of systems, ability to present complex arguments simply both written and orally.
•Ability to write computer programs for modelling particularly in MATLAB. Knowledge of other programming tools such as C#, C++ and VB would be advantageous.

•Cooperation and Team Working
•Expertise and Professionalism
•Problem Solving / Analysis

If you would like to apply for this role, please send your CV to Struan Rytina at and call The Recruitment Company Midlands on 01905 73 1234 to arrange an appointment. :)