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GIS Technician 105706

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State College, PA, Pennsylvania, United States


Computer Science, Geography, GIS Technician, City Planning




The GIS Technician provides professional work in the field of geographic information systems to support the Public Works Department and Planning and Zoning Department.

Coordinates the purchase of GIS software; maintains software licenses
- Manages GIS data layers through relational data base management
- Design and produce quality cartographic products based on user requirements including mapping products that clearly articulate the results of spatial analyses to various audiences.
- Development of a data management system to update and maintain the geographic data used by employees in various departments to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently.
- Manage geospatial databases utilizing ESRI ArcGIS, ArcCatalog, ArcServer and ArcSDE technology.
- Implement and maintain an asset management system utilizing Cartegraph software including developing inventory and work order forms, and provide instruction for public works personnel to utilize the system.
- Collect, input, and analyze geospatial and tabular datasets.
- Provide GIS support, services and products (such as maps and reports) to all departments.
- Assist with the transfer of digital data to and from other agencies and consultants.
- Present GIS work at meetings, conferences, workshops
- Educate new GIS users
- Locate and document the condition of infrastructure including streets, street signs, stormwater pipes, inlets, outfalls, sidewalks, and street trees in the field with a handheld device such as a Trimble Nomad.
- Utilizing collected data on sidewalks, stormwater basins and pipe outlets, send notices for repairs, communicate with property owners, and inspect completed work.
- Prepare reports including NPDES Phase II compliance reports based on inspections performed.
- Attend meetings, conferences, workshops

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required at the time of hire. Within 6 months an individual must be proficient in the use of Cartegraph software for the continuation of employment.

- Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Cartography, Natural Resources, Computer Science, Planning, Environment Science or a related field, and
- 1 year experience (coursework and internships are acceptable under guidelines) using ArcGIS (latest version).

-Project management (able to accept a project independently and in a team work environment, design methodology to complete project, and produce final product(s))
- Ability to cooperate with staff, and the public.
- Ability to interpret engineering plans, surveys, and maps.
- Ability to maintain electronic records and databases.
- Skilled with the following computer programs; ESRI mapping software, and relational database management, proficient in the use of ArcGIS software - Arc (IMS, SDE and SQL server) ArcMap, Visual Basic, Kyrstal Reports, Access, Excel, Word, Google Earth, and Community Viz or other community engagement software
- Familiar with GIS applications in government planning or public policy
- Ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously
- Ability to complete short-term projects with tight deadlines
- Fundamental knowledge and skill in the operation of GIS equipment, including computer hardware, plotter/printer setup, GPS

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