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Engineering Analyst PB








Cincinnati, Ohio, United States






TAD PGS, INC. is currently seeking an Engineering Analyst for one of our clients in Cincinnati, OH. The person providing this service will handle Intellectual Property (IP) logistics and communications activities related to Aviation Digital Engineering team as a whole and specifically the Chief Technology Office (CTO). Key duties include: - Preparation for & facilitation of internal IP meetings. - Organizing and communicating the IP backlog and portfolio, including deadlines for decision making. - Publishing and occasionally composing executive leadership communications. - Recruiting and promoting communications for internal purposes. - Camera and digital imaging focal for engineering (video & photo editing) for internal use. - Management of Aviation Digital Engineering & Science online university content. - Backup for facilities issues for the engineering team in Cincinnati. - Organize and facilitate IP meetings including IP Evaluation Board (IPEB), backlog management, portfolio management. - Maintain spreadsheets of all relevant information for IP backlog/portfolio. - Provide regular communications on portfolio status & ownership to IPEB board members. - Gather preparation materials for IPEB and support inventors' logistical concerns. - Manage communications of decisions with the IP execution teams. - Manage schedule for IP activities and approvals to ensure deadlines are met. - CTO communications may include drafting executive communications and publishing after approval. - Gather, draft/edit, publish material which highlights engineering accomplishments, personnel, etc. in conjunction with Aviation Digital Communications. - Draft and manage communications related to employee engagement. - Manage any remaining engineering team web resources (website, yammer, etc). - Promote communications within the engineering organizations in concert with the operations team. - Help create and distribute compliance modules for use by the engineering teams (with oversight and guidance from compliance focals & teams). - Assist manager in the creation of presentations & communications for broader engineering team (ex. Blog activities, executive presentations, etc). - Manage engineering content for Aviation Digital ESU. - Video & photo editing needs for internal use (leverage internal tools for imaging). - Assist with occasional GEWN requests (communications & video editing). - Contact point for facilities issues.