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Job description:

  • Has in-depth understanding of practices and principles of Agile methodologies and real-world experience in implementing agile within different clients. Will successfully guide clients through the challenges of Agile adoption.
  • Facilitator: Facilitate the team with the knowledge so that team can start the project.
  • Trainer: Provide training to the team on the agile process; training will continue all the time during the project execution on agile and continuous improvement on velocity, quality, processes etc.
  • Help in preparing the overall roadmap of the project, meaning he will provide various ideas, suggestions, and strategies.
  • Help team by answering any and all questions on the agile process during the project execution; that means agile coach needs to be on the ground so that he can answer the questions immediately.
  • Identify project risks and raise them immediately.
  • Make the winning strategy according to the ground conditions.
  • Mentor: Focusing on people and continuous improvement all the time; provide team a platform for improvement not only during the retrospective but all the time. Create a safe environment for healthy conflict and meaningful collaboration.
  • Identify process issues and provide help to improve them.

Activities to perform:

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Languages:Very Good English 


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