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Data Privacy Officer (OCT11855)

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Teleperformance Philippines






Multiple Sites, Metro Manila, Philippines






Job Summary

The Data Privacy Officer (DPO) helps the company plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs for data privacy and security in the different areas of the business operations, all according to the implementing rules and regulations of the Data Privacy Act. The DPO primarily liaises with the National Privacy Commission to make all data management processes compliant, while upholding our organizational vision-mission, core values, norms, & policies. 


Strategic Leadership & Execution:

  • Works collaboratively to map-out and implement a comprehensive, strategic, and sustainable data privacy and security plan that pinpoints potential breaches and rids of them to cultivate an organizational atmosphere that is free and protected from all types of data security risks
  • Develops operational procedures for identifying and classifying personal data, including collection thereof and consent thereto, limits in processing and sharing, access management, system monitoring, and exercise of data subject rights and data retention schedule 
  • Provides consultation, coaches as a subject-matter expert in data privacy & security
  • Proposes, plans, and coordinates awareness campaigns and initiatives that promote accountability and transparency

Growth-focused Business, Finance & Compliance:

  • Upholds and promotes our Teleperformance core values, norms, standard operating policies and procedures relevant to data privacy & security
  • Regulates which client, business units and/or third party service providers collects, stores, retains or handles personal data in electronic, hardware storage media, or physical copies; 
  • Monitors consistencies and compliance to the implementation of data protection policies and procedures not limited to: 
  • Collection, Storage, and Safekeeping of Records;
  • Maintaining the Confidentiality of personal data of employees, agents or representatives; 
  • Data Sharing Management
  • Works collaboratively with engagement champions, people program implementers and all other stakeholders to provide support in terms of contents and communication tools for data privacy & security awareness
  • Consolidates periodic progress reports and keeps the management updated on the overall status of our Data Privacy & Security Programs & Initiatives, progress against metrics and activities that impact our business operations

Engaged & Enabled People:

  • Advocates our main goal to make happy employees from inside-out
  • Maintains ethical practices that nurture a positive work environment that attract, retain and motivate high potential employees at all levels
  • Facilitates download sessions with and for the solid understanding of the general rules, and exceptions in the processing of sensitive personal information
  • Prepares other data privacy & security programs & initiatives as deemed appropriate and necessary for our people engagement
  • Performs additional work as may be required from time to time within the terms and conditions aligned to the strategic directives and foresight of the business


  • Few relevant units of a Masters Degree related to Legal Management or Information Management Technology
  • Familiarity with Philippine labor law and practices all related to Data Privacy & Security
  • Adequate relevant BPO experience 

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree related to Legal Management, Information Management Technology or any other relevant fields from a reputable educational institution
  • Few relevant units of a Masters Degree related to Legal Management
  • At least two years of data privacy & security -relevant experience in a support or leadership capacity
  • Any learning and development exposure and / or experience that may be directly BPO-relevant or may be transferrable to the BPO operational needs
  • Adequate understanding of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry
  • Sufficient understanding relevant organizational management processes and principles:
  • Strategic Management; Account Management; Project Management
  • Quality Audits / Controls; Information Management;
  • Process Improvement; People Management; 
  • Sufficient know-how on communication tools not limited to Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype for Business, Blogs, & HRIS or its equivalent.
  • Communicates and interacts effectively and proficiently in written and spoken English through various communication tools that build trust and support from an inclusive but diverse multi-generational workforce
  • Regards Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation and Commitment as relevant work values 
  • Able to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce and provide leadership in organizational change.
  • Exemplifies a positive disposition about the BPO Industry, its continuously changing challenges, work dynamics, and work environment
  • Willingness to work on extended hours and have the flexibility and availability for unconventional shift schedules and locations