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Pharmacist in Charge








Carlisle, Arkansas, United States


Health Care




Pharmacist in Charge-ARcare is accepting applications for a Pharmacist in Charge in Carlisle. Duties: The PIC will oversee all activities in managing the pharmacy.The Pharmacist is charged with overseeing all ordering and dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. Will comply with all Arkansas Pharmacy Laws and Regulations. Qualifications: Doctor of Pharmacy, must hold an AR pharmacist license, PIC Experience and supervisor experience preferred. Must be willing to travel. Apply at EOE DFW

Below are some of the benefits you can receive when you become part of the ARcare family:

  • • Private non-profit culture focused on personal/job satisfaction, shared values, family, education, community involvement, long term viability, sustainability, and success in the pursuit of excellence.
  • • Work that is conducive to a balanced lifestyle of work+free time+personal recognition/reward+career advancement+compensation for loyalty/longevity
  • • Competitive salary
  • Liberal benefit package, which includes:
  • ➢ Medical insurance with option of Health Savings Account
  • ➢ Dental insurance coverage
  • ➢ Employee/family clinic services without fee
  • ➢ Vision insurance
  • ➢ Life Insurance
  • ➢ Long & Short Term Disability Insurance
  • ➢ Retirement Plan
  • ➢ Regular Work Hours/Schedule
  • ➢ Paid Holidays
  • ➢ Paid Vacation
  • ➢ Paid Sick leave
  • ➢ FMLA
  • ➢ Travel reimbursement
  • ➢ In-House Trainings (CPR or other required trainings