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Archway Programs






Atco, New Jersey, United States


Education, Social Services, Nonprofit, Human Services




  • Works under the direct supervision of the principal.
  • Works effectively with the Archway child study team, sending district child study teams, administration, parents and support staff (teacher assistants, crisis counselor, related services)
  • Gives direction to teacher assistant
  • Utilizes teacher assistant appropriately to provide student activities
  • Develops effective classroom management system
  • Organizes classroom environment/lessons effectively to meet students’ needs
  • Has a copy of student’s current IEP and maintains records of goal/objective mastery
  • Utilizes appropriate methods/materials to help student succeed
  • Organizes/utilizes classroom learning center and displays student work/behavioral contracts
  • Maintains ongoing and regular contact with parents concerning: student growth, behavior, needs
  • Keep up-to-date anecdotal records and work folders indicating pupil’s current level of functioning in each basic skill area
  • Assists in curriculum development selection of educational materials and equipment
  • Utilizes a sequential curricula with planned experiences to enable students to:

- develop self-expression

- improve self-concept

- develop social skills

- develop self-help skills

- improve work/study habits

- apply knowledge in basic skill areas

- improve pupil’s health/physical development

- develop career awareness

- improve pre-vocational/vocational skills

  • Maintains/turns in lesson plans and on-going communication forms weekly to the principal
  • Participates in orientation/in-service programs, staff meetings, and students’ educational problems/needs
  • Controls classroom environment through approved private use of discipline
  • Disciplines students while encouraging positive self-growth rather than punishment
  • Participates in PIP for professional development
  • Arrives to work on time and adheres to the electronic sign in/payroll system and attendance policy
  • Attends yearly Handle With Care and CPI training.
  • Maintains confidentiality of students personal information at all times.
  • Maintains student information in a locked and secure space.

NJ Teacher of the Handicapped or Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certificate

Plus NJ Certification in an appropriate content area (exp. Elementary Teacher K-5)

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