Job Details

Deputy Director of Parks Administration


Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC






Silver Spring, Maryland, United States


Management and Executive, Government




The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), a six-time National Recreation and Parks Association Gold Medal Award Winner, is seeking a visionary Deputy Director to oversee five administrative divisions at the Montgomery County Department of Parks (Montgomery Parks). The Department has a career staff complement of nearly 800 employees and serves a diverse population of more than one million residents. The Department manages 421 parks on nearly 37,000 acres of parkland with an annual operating budget of over $100 million, and a six-year Capital Improvements Program of over $220 million.
This is an exciting opportunity to join a team that is working to help shape the future of one of nation's largest and most diverse park systems. In addition to having a world-class park system, Montgomery County, Maryland is a metropolitan destination for technological innovation, world-class higher education, performing arts, hospitality and tourism, and entrepreneurship. The Deputy Director will play a crucial role in developing productive relationships with elected officials, civic leaders and community stakeholders to sustain and strengthen the role of parks and recreation in the County.  Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Summary:

This position reports directly to the Director of Parks and works closely with the Deputy Director of Operations to provide cohesive leadership to the Department. The successful candidate will plan, organize and oversee five administrative divisions within Montgomery Parks comprised of 110 staff: Management Services, Park Planning and Stewardship, Public Affairs & Community Partnerships, Park Development and jointly oversee the Information Technology and Innovation division. The candidate must have the ability to develop new programs; be adept at working with a diverse park customer base; have demonstrated strong leadership experience; have a track record of managing complex administrative problems; possess a thorough knowledge of park management, personnel and budget administration; an ability to evaluate alternatives and recommend effective courses of action; and assist the Director in the development of policies, procedures, rules, and regulations governing the administration of Montgomery Parks.
The successful candidate will have high expectations of him/herself and other staff, pay attention to detail after understanding the big picture, and will take care of day-to-day issues before they are referred to the Director of Montgomery Parks. The successful candidate will bring a strategic perspective, be able to see beyond the immediate pressures, stay focused on the important long-term objectives and have a passion for public service. He/she will be ethical, approachable, trustworthy, apolitical and committed to excellence and delivery of meaningful results for the tax payers of Montgomery County. S/he will communicate openly, honestly and collaboratively with a diverse group of people, expertly promulgate and implement a long-term mission, vision and strategy and provide new ideas and innovation through change management processes that improve the efficiency and delivery of Parks Programs and services.

Examples of Important Duties:

  • Provides leadership and oversight of a wide-range of divisions and programs:
  1. park planning efforts including the development of park master plans, functional plans and strategic plans;
  2. park stewardship efforts including the preservation of historical, natural and cultural resources;
  3. the development and implementation of the six-year, $220+M Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for park acquisition and development;
  4. the development and implementation of the annual, $100+M Operating Budget;
  5. human resources management including employee training, employee relations, performance management and awards programs, diversity program, organizational development and succession planning;
  6. IT processes, hardware and software decisions, the strategic direction of enterprise systems such as Enterprise Asset Management, GIS and Active Directory;
  7. complying with all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  8. marketing and outreach of park programs and classes and creating innovative park programming to activate parks.
  • Works closely with the Parks Director, Deputy Director of Operations and the Planning Board Chair to develop and implement the top priorities of the Department.
  • Encourages and directs staff to utilize data-driven approaches to measure performance of work programs and delivery of services.
  • Develops and maintains collaborative and productive relationships with elected and appointed officials, government agencies, senior managers, community & business leaders, and park staff.
  • Leads effective change, innovation, visioning, strategic planning, inter-agency coordination, and organizational development.
  • Coordinates programs with other Commission units, attends Planning Board and County Council meetings, and represents the Department at public meetings and professional conferences. Actively represents the Director's Office in various executive and commission-wide meetings and committees and upon request, serves as acting Director in absence of the Director.
  • Represents the Department on the Commission-wide IT Council, the body responsible for making high-level decisions on critical enterprise systems.
  • Fosters and sustains a workplace culture based on Diversity and Inclusionary practices that promotes creativity and transparency and empowers employees to identify and implement innovative solutions.

Important Skills and Characteristics:

Management: Exceptional management abilities, a facility with critical thinking and reasoned analysis, and a complete understanding of best practices and standards for public accountability. A solid record of administrative leadership and an inclusive, team and mission-oriented management style.
Project/Portfolio Management: Ability to prioritize and effectively oversee a wide range of projects and project managers to ensure clear, attainable project specifications and meet project goals for budget, schedule and quality standards.
Negotiation: Skill in negotiating contracts/agreements.
Decision-Making: Ability to take calculated risks and accept consequences of decisions. Make critical decisions quickly, sometimes with minimal information. Ability to listen effectively to internal and external stakeholders and engage all viewpoints in the decision-making process.
Problem-Solving: Ability to solve complex problems involving many variables; analyze data; read and write technical reports and correspondence.
Conflict Resolution: Ability to effectively handle and resolve employee disagreements and conflicts.
Working Relationships:  Strong interpersonal skills, judgment and political acumen necessary to navigate effectively with local, county and state-elected and appointed officials and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, or political affiliation. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide-range of individuals.
Communication: Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, including public speaking and answering questions from the media as well as community members. Ability to concisely summarize complex projects for the Director's benefit, giving cogent oral and written summary reports.
Research: Ability to conduct research and surveys, review technical literature, attend professional conferences, exchange information with other government agencies and identify new programs, trainings and methods to support the Dept.
Confidentiality: Ability to manage work that is highly confidential in nature and requires a great degree of sensitivity.
Parks Specific: Knowledge of public administration, management and supervision, parks, recreation, environmental science, safety, equal employment opportunity policies, as well as Commission activities*, Commission organization*; Commission policies and procedures*.
* (Developed primarily after employment in this class).

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Bachelor's degree in Park Administration, Public Administration, or closely related field (Master's Degree desirable); and

2. Six (6) years experience that included a broad range and variety of park administration experience (parks, recreation, natural science), four (4) years of which included park administration experience at the management level; or

3. An equivalent combination of education and experience.

4. Valid Driver's License or the ability to acquire one.