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Tableau Project

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St. Paul, Minnesota, United States


Information Technology




Tableau Project

ST Paul, MN

1 year duration


·         Provide subject matter expertise of Tableau around data movement and manipulation best practices around ETL, data quality assurance, and cleansing.

·         Provide oversight of data certification and publishing of data sources for consumption by data and reporting analysts

·         Work with MNIT @ Education to help establish report design standards and best practices

·         Meet with Education Business areas that have expressed interest in Tableau to determine their needs with regard to data analytics

·         Develop a Tableau workbooks identified by business area

·         Develop new Tableau visuals for the business and modify past developed visuals

·         Assist business with identifying data needed to be loaded in data mart

·         Provide and train MNIT @ Education staff on data access privileges and permission strategy

·         Provide training and mentoring to Education staff as applicable

·         Provide training to staff on use of Tableau

·         Assist technical team with industry best practice for Tableau Server management

·         Create project documentation 

·         Prepare appropriate status reports and submit to management and stakeholders

·         Provide knowledge transfer

 Minimum Qualifications

·         Five (5) years’ combined experience with Tableau Desktop & Server 

·         Two (2) years’ experience of Tableau Server administration & usage practices

·         Completion of three (3) projects/engagements developing data analytics with Tableau.

Desired Skills

·         Knowledge & oversight of analytics software licensing agreements & vendor relationships

·         Experience in data access privileges and permissions strategy

·         Analytics & Reporting Processes

•         Subject matter expert on data movement & manipulation (ETL, Data QA & Cleansing) practices

•         Oversight of data certification & publishing of data sources for consumption by data & reporting analysts

•         Establishes report design standards and best practices

•         Maintains inventory of Agency reports and data sets used for both internal & external-facing reports

•         Facilitates training of end users on analytics tools

·         Broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming

·         Knowledge of software Design, software Testing, software Maintenance, software development process software requirements, software architecture

·         General Consulting Skills

·         Excellent problem solving skills

·         Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to manage expectations and explain technical detail

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills

·         Broad knowledge of SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Unified Modelling Language (UML), Web-based technologies