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NEW - Programme Developer- Guinea










Management and Executive, Relationship Management


Full-time, Contract


Guinea has the potential to be one of Africa's richest countries mainly down to its mineral wealth, but its people are among the poorest in this region.

The country is of similar size to the UK, with a narrow coastline on the Atlantic. The infrastructure is poor, however the population is growing mainly down to declining mortality rates and increased fertility. The country suffered severely during the regional Ebola outbreak a few years back.

We now have the opportunity to set up a programme in Guinea and we are looking for someone to develop this. 

The humanitarian and mission organisations working there struggle with the lack of transport options, especially in the rainy season, which is extreme (average of 30cm per month). MAF’s ministry could therefore have a huge transformational effect on this country.

Our potential partners in Guinea are excited about MAF starting an operation there, but there is much work to be done in order to work out their needs, and to explore how MAF can best enhance their ministries/programmes. It essential that you can build excellent relationships with local authorities.


The role responsibilities will include:

You will identify and develop new partnerships, making initial face to face contact with MAF partners to inform them about MAF's operating plans.

You will spend time travelling within the country to visit existing airstrips and investigate potential new airstrips, conducting research into isolated people groups in Guinea, with a view to identifying new partners.

You will make preparations for an aviation operation in Guinea by researching and pursuing legal permissions, registering MAF as an INGO, Civil Aviation, Airport Authorities and arrange flight permissions, investigating registration options for aircraft including FAA, EASA and Uganda.

In order to prepare for the arrival of new long term staff you will investigate and arrange logistic issues (visas, import of goods, fuel, arrange office setup), housing for both long and short term staff and any answer questions raised by MAF staff preparing for long term service in Guinea.

You will also develop job profile for the key staff roles.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


The candidate will have excellent spoken and written French

There is a requirement for this person to have an understanding of MAF operations, programme frameworks and policies / procedures, therefore only individuals with previous MAF management experience in an operational programme will be considered for this role.

There is an occupational requirement for overseas staff to be committed Christians, sent and supported by their home Church, and able to support and promote the Christian ethos and beliefs of MAF as a mission organisation through taking part in Christian activities such as Church events, prayer meetings etc. All roles (unless otherwise specified) require some personal support raising to be carried out under the guidance and training of MAF UK.

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