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Partnership Development Manager - South Sudan








South Sudan


Management and Executive, Relationship Management


Full-time, Contract


South Sudan is a dynamic country with an ever-changing environment. The country bears the scars from many years of civil war; roads are impassable making it difficult for people to have reliable access to essential food and medical services. MAF seeks to work with its partners in the country to bridge this gap.

With many NGOs working in the country we are now looking for someone who has the ability to establish and maintain close relationships with these potential partners. You will then facilitate and develop flight solutions that meet their needs and multiplies the impact of their services.


Full role specification:

To develop an understanding of the spiritual and humanitarian needs in South Sudan by:

  • Continually monitoring the many sources of information to build up a picture of the changing needs
  • Creating a knowledge base relating to existing spiritual, humanitarian needs and sector actors' activities
  • Identifying existing or developing gaps in the provision of spiritual and humanitarian engagement with the isolated peoples in South Sudan, and facilitate MAF through its unique ministry, to pro-actively engage with partners to fill these gaps

To establish strategic opportunities for MAF in South Sudan by:

  • Strengthening partnerships with current partner organisations (customers)
  • Working with current and future partners to increase the provision of flight services, and creating new opportunities for MAF to add value to the partners' ministries through the provision of MAF's services
  • Developing and maintaining a social media footprint in relation to MAF's current flight activities in South Sudan
  • Actively promoting publicly the work of MAF through speaking at Churches, INGO & Government meetings, forums and other events

To foster partnership development by:

  • Building strategic alliances and collaborative networks with other organisations in order to increase the visibility of MAF services, and add value to their operations through the provision of MAF's services
  • Maintaining an up to date and thorough understanding of MAF's operations in South Sudan and be the media reference person for internal and external communications
  • Working as part of the team to implement and embed relevant agreed procedures and processes where it applies to outward facing activities 
  • Identify and develop relationships with institutional donor organisations in liaison with the MAFI Donor Relations Manager. Seek opportunities to participate in country with consortium's and collaborate with tender processes and proposal applications

To undertake the day to day management of the partnership development task by:

  • Working in close collaboration with the Department Heads of Operations, Finance and Communication to develop MAF services that meet the needs of partners and increase the impact and scope of MAF flight operation's in South Sudan
  • Carrying out satisfaction surveys, talking to passengers, arranging meetings with decision makers in partner organisations
  • Feeding into the established database, partner information including their activities, future plans, past flight activity and trends
  • Creating illustrative flight proposals for partners, exploring new routes for shuttle flights
  • Developing potential 'Memoranda of Understanding' agreements with partners
  • Developing and maintaining social media systems to disseminate flight information with respect to seat availability, spare payload and proposed (new) flight legs

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


  • University education or equivalent experience in partnership development and institutional donors
  • Aptitude in verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning
  • Demonstrated ability to be able to build and maintain good relationships with all levels of the organisation
  • Valid drivers license
  • Self-starter, strategist, analytical, commercially-focused and a team player
  • Business / Partnership development or sales and marketing experience
  • Excellent communication skills including public speaking


  • Financial management experience
  • Knowledge of missiological thinking and practices

There is an occupational requirement for overseas staff to be committed Christians, sent and supported by their home Church, and able to support and promote the Christian ethos and beliefs of MAF as a mission organisation through taking part in Christian activities such as Church events, prayer meetings etc. All roles (unless otherwise specified) require some personal support raising to be carried out under the guidance and training of MAF UK.

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