Job Details

Production Operator I


Idahoan Foods






Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States


Manufacturing and Production




Position Summary:
The primary responsibility of a Production Operator is to insure that the production process and its equipment are working properly, efficiently and effectively. This position will also be responsible to oversee that the products being produced are of the high quality potato products that are in accordance to the required customer specifications. This position requires the abilities to operate varies pieces of processing equipment including Drums, Dryers and Sorters.

Principle Accountabilities:
1. Maintains a consistent flow of potato raw material to the drums or dryers by adjusting and monitoring feed augers.
2. Maintains a consistent cook of the product by monitoring the steam pressure, cook time, and dryer temperature settings.
3. Maintains a full and even drum of mashed potatoes by shoveling product as needed, as well as production in grade according to designated required customer specifications.
4. Insure proper operation of sorter by normalizing and checking pick outs.
5. Insure metal detector and other equipment are in good working order.
6. Ensures that the proper cut is made by monitoring the Cutting equipment.
7. Will be required to wear personal protective equipment, and work with cleaning chemicals and sanitizers.
8. Move product from location to location using forklift
9. Package product into specific container..
10. Will track inventory of finished product stored or bagged and ensure bags and totes have correct weight and barcode.
11. Checks for product defects and ensures product quality standards are being met. Will make warranted adjustments as needed.
12. Measure and record temperatures and flow of all food additives as required.
13. Complete and turn in all paperwork in a timely manner daily.
14. Required to stamp and mark all bags or totes for storage or shipment.
15. Responsible for keeping the work area cleaned at all times and ensuring a full stock of supplies is available at all times.
16. Completes any special project as assigned and have the ability to train others.
17. Follows all good manufacturing practices as set up by the company policy.
18. Must comply with all safety regulations, attend safety meetings and follow all plant and safety rules.
19. All other duties as assigned

Education and/or Experience:
• Previous experience working around processing equipment required. Trained and proficient at production floor duties, sanitation duties, and machine operation duties. Forklift Certification required.

Language Skills:
• Must have effective oral communication skills to communicate with supervisor and co-workers. In addition, must have the ability to read and write and accurately complete paperwork.

Reasoning Ability:
• This position requires self-confidence and maturity to make decisions to solve problems with minimal direction. Must be a team player, react to change productively, be flexible, and accept change.

Work Environment:
• Position requires performing heavy lifting, up to 75 lbs. Must be physically active and able to work around hot temperatures, noise, and dust. Should be able to stand on concrete floors for extended periods, and climb stairs. Must follow all safety precautions while working independently and professionally. Must be able to utilize cleaning chemicals and sanitizers safely. Understand and operate all warehouse equipment including forklift. Function with little to no supervision.