Logistics Supervisor

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Rockstar Personnel LLC






Huntsville, AL, Alabama, United States


Management and Executive, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Production, Operations and Logistics




Essential Duties:

• Productivity analysis
• Ensuring ASN data matches physical receipts in WMS
• Process adherence (ensuring standardized reporting/work is being completed by clerks)
• Ensuring timely updates to the system are made when processes are complete
• Inventory management (ensuring location accuracy, volumes, and proper storage methods are met)
• Ensuring all outbound orders are allocated, processed for picking and order data has been uploaded to the WMS
• Quality assurance (part #, quantity, and packaging changes)
• Ensuring inbound lane and overflow material audits are complete
• Proper quarantine of pilot parts
• Inventory adjustment for damaged, obsolete, and lost parts
• Ability to create work instruction
• Ensuring all Kanbans/skid manifests for outbound orders are printed daily and presented properly to order pickers
• Process improvements
• Ensuring that all shipped orders are processed correctly in WMS
• Various reporting (inventory, productivity, attendance, end of shift)

Minimum Requirements, Education, and Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics management or related field preferred
• 2 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor
• General knowledge of Warehousing / Logistics / Manufacturing
• Inventory management experience