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PCS Counselor


Archway Programs






Sewell, New Jersey, United States


Health Care, Education, Social Services, Nonprofit, Human Services




The general function of the program:

PCS-HOPE or DISCOVER: To provide an alternative therapeutic care for children between the ages of 5-18 with moderate to severe emotional and/or behavioral problems

PCS-ACT: To provide an alternative treatment plan for SPMI and Dually Diagnosed adults.

The primary purpose of this position:

To facilitate individual, group, and/or family counseling for consumers in accordance with his/her individual service plan.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop, implement and lead treatment groups. Serve as a staff advisor during community meetings. Provide emotional support to clients and other staff members.
  • Structure and supervise all recreational and community activities. Serve as a positive role model for clients. Interact with clients in a purposeful, therapeutic manner and in accordance with specified Individual Service Plans.
  • Function as primary Case Manager for assigned clients by developing and implementing an Individual Service Plan with other appropriate agencies on an on-going basis. Organizes, prepares and (co)facilitate individual and group activities in accordance with the consumer’s individual service plan.
  • Record clear and comprehensive documentation of periodic treatment care plans, weekly progress notes and other documentation as needed. Develop, implement system for monitoring of clients’ progress.
  • Organize, supervise and assist clients in developing community skills during community outings.
  • Provide crisis intervention and follow-up services as needed.
  • Consult and coordinate on with appropriate agencies, place of residence, schools, family support, etc. for each client treatment plan.
  • Attend and participate in supervision, staff meetings, in-service training as scheduled by the PCS-Supervisor/Director, PCS.
  • To monitor discharge and aftercare follow-up of assigned clients.
  • Assist in the intake process and orientation of assigned clients.
  • Will assist with transportation of consumers as needed, and maintain a safe environment on care on the bus/van. Maintain discipline on the vehicle. Must acknowledge receipt and adhere to all policies and procedures including but not limited to Transportation Policies and the Pick Up and Delivery Standards Policy.
  • To organize and prepare information/ materials for individual, group and family psycho-educational groups in accordance with the client’s individual service plan.
  • Perform other duties as may from time to time be deemed appropriate by the Supervisor and/ or Director, PCS and as required for provision of program services.
  • Maintains established division policies & procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental, and infection control standards.
  • Guards the confidentiality of client information from both outside persons and Archway Programs employees whom do not require this information to perform their job functions.
  • Customer Service: respect, flexibility, knowledge, confidence, professionalism, pleasant attitude, patience, and helpfulness. All responses should be timely, professional, caring, and respectful in accordance with Archway Programs standards
  • Provide culturally sensitive services that are based on knowledge of cultural diversity to accomplish quality client care.

Minimum educational requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree
  • associates degrees-ACT only

Minimum experience required:

  • 1 year – CYS only
  • other – 2 years with assoc. degree

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