Job Details

Sanitation Technician


Idahoan Foods






Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States


Manufacturing and Production




The primary responsibility of the Sanitation Technician position is to clean and sanitize floors and facility equipment. Clean the facility structure from roof to floor on a scheduled basis. Supply and weigh additives to the production department as needed. Receive/Send linens as needed.

1. Maintains an acceptable level of cleanliness on all production and packaging equipment and work areas.
2. Eliminates any garbage, debris and waste on the floor or on the production equipment.
3. Able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities with efficiency and accuracy while working independently and professionally.
4. May be called upon to help with a production position under special circumstances.
5. Must be able to read, and follow chemical labels and review MSDS’s to obtain appropriate hazard information and safety statements. Must be able to follow mixing instructions for chemicals used in cleaning and sanitizing of equipment.
6. Able to scrub equipment if needed to clean with scrub pads, brushes ect. also need to be able to disassemble equipment for cleaning and reassemble when finished.
7. Able to be trained in the Lockout and Tagout program to be an Authorized person.
8. Willing to work any shift for clean up and startup, may include holidays, and weekends. Must be able to use good judgment in the absence of the Foreman or Supervisor.
9. Must be able to learn and understand Master Sanitation Schedules, Bar Code System, Usage Logs, etc.
10. All other duties as assigned.


Education and/or Experience:
Previous experience working around processing equipment preferred. Able to read and comprehend work related material such as ; Master Sanitation Program, Usage logs, Additive logs Ect.

Language Skills:
Exhibits effective oral communication skills when communicating with supervisor and co-workers. Works well with others and communicates in a positive manner. Reads, comprehends, and performs the cleaning instructions for each piece of equipment as required.

Work Environment:
Shows an ability to perform heavy lifting up to 60 lbs. Able to stand on concrete floors for extended periods and follows safety precautions. Utilizes cleaning chemicals and sanitizers safely. Physically able to climb stairs repetitively and carry loads up stairs when required. Able to work different shifts.

Reasoning Ability:
Possesses self-confidence and maturity to make decisions and to solve problems with minimal direction.

Interpersonal Skills:
Team player, flexible and accepts changing assignments and accountabilities.

Follows all safety precautions while working independently and professionally. Keeps work area clean. Must be able to wear proper PPE while performing job duties. Could be required to use any of the following PPE: wet suit, rubber boots & gloves, safety goggles, dust mask, and or respirator.