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Process Support


Idahoan Foods






Lewisville, Idaho, United States


Manufacturing and Production




The Process Support is primarily responsible for one or more of the following: general housekeeping, monitoring the incoming flow of potatoes across the inspection table, managing animal food and finished bins, supporting sanitation with management of the animal food bins, building and banding totes, bagging pick outs, provide a steady supply of raw potatoes, unload raw product in the appropriate location(s), and ensure that incoming raw product is acceptable to company standards. Must be able to sort out foreign material and the less desirable potatoes form the product stream to help ensure the final product meets the customer’s specifications. They may also assist the operator with production functions that include but not be limited to: changing shredder knives, toting flakes, dumping sauces and/or ingredients.

All Process Supports
1. Adhere to Idahoan Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
2. Comply with all safety regulations, attend safety meetings, and follow all plant and safety rules.
3. Able to be trained in Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) as an authorized person.
4. Ability to switch out full finished or animal food bins with empty ones.
5. Ability to build empty totes and band full totes, clean spills (i.e., floors and equipment), and help unplug pumps.
6. Assist sanitation in animal food bin cleaning activities.
7. Assist in sanitation activities during area cleanup and willing to work extra hours for cleanups and startups. Able to scrub equipment when needed with scrub pads, brushes, etc.
8. Handle cleaning and sanitation chemicals when required. May be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working with cleaning chemicals and sanitizers.
9. Perform housekeeping duties to maintain cleanliness of the work area(s).
11. Ability to train others.
12. Acceptable attendance is a crucial part of this job, and all incumbents must adhere to the company’s attendance policy.

1. Maintain a consistent surveillance over the flow of potatoes going to production.
2. Sorts foreign material first and then the less desirable potatoes from the good product stream. Must report and turn in any and all glass found to the supervisor.
3. Checks to ensure product quality standards are being met. Will notify Sanitation Tech or Lead/Supervisor immediately if any problem or issues arise.

1. Able to fill, weigh, seal, print code dates, and stack product on pallets using correctly stickered bags and stack patterns.
2. Responsible for keeping the work area cleaned at all times and ensuring a full stock of supplies are available at all times (e.g., stickers, bags, tote liners, pallet caps).
3. Understand how to stop and start the equipment.
4. Complete any special project/assignment as assigned by the operator.

1. Flumes potatoes evenly down the cellars and into the plant based on First In, First Out (FIFO).
2. Maintain a clean working area free of potatoes.
3. Shovel out rocks and mud in the flume and replace cellar grates.
4. Coordinates water usage with the Receivers to minimize negative effects of over water usage.
5. Communicates changes about the potato flow if any problem or issue arises immediately with the supervisor.

1. Direct incoming raw product trucks to appropriate location to unload. Communicate the quality of the raw to the production supervisor as needed.
2. Must know the condition of raw potatoes received and know where to store them.
3. Must be able to read, understand, and make changes to information using the computer and its programs.
4. Inspect and unload raw product by operating a piler or other equipment.
5. Responsible for ensuring the truck unloading rate isn’t too fast to plug up the system or isn’t too slow to delay the process.
6. Ensures that raw product is moved First In, First Out (FIFO) and analyze raw product when received for sugar level, solids, and tare samples—may be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
7. Maintain cleanliness around the truck unloading zone and inside the receiving area.

Education and/or Experience:
• Previous experience working around processing equipment preferred.
• Forklift certification may be required.
• Company training will be provided in all areas relating to this position.

Language Skills:
• Exhibits effective oral communication skills to communicate with supervisor and co-workers.
• Works well with others and communicates in a positive manner.
• Reads, comprehends, and performs cleaning instructions for each piece of equipment as required.
• Accurately record and complete paperwork.