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Legal Research Assistant

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Jury Analyst






Santa Monica, California, United States


Administrative, Legal


Full-time, Contract


Job Overview

Seeking a Legal Research Assistant to help our team and our clients obtain and present information relevant to cases or issues on which they are working. The legal research assistant will be working remotely, though travel may be required at times to gather data, attend a court session, or participate in a company meeting. When a case draws nearer, overtime can be common.


Legal Research Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

As valuable members of a legal team, legal research assistants are charged with a variety of responsibilities. 

Gathering Information

Legal research assistants comb through laws and legal articles to find facts and precedents that support our research and goals. Legal research assistants also may talk to clients to gain extra input or verify information. Legal research assistants may be called upon to summarize their findings in writing and distribute copies to members of the legal team.

Reviewing Paperwork

The fields of law and legal research require a ton of paperwork. Legal research assistants often read through documents to ensure correctness. They may work directly with clients to fill out forms and gather information. Helping clients to understand the steps in order to make our process efficient is of the utmost importance.

Administrative Tasks

To keep operations flowing, legal research assistants may perform tasks such as answering phones, scheduling meetings, filing, preparing documents, and marketing the company.


Legal Research Assistant Skills

Legal research assistants are great multitaskers capable of handling demands from various clients or several cases at the same time. They also need to be excellent team players committed to performing their role well in order for group goals to be met. Other great qualities for legal research assistants to possess include:

  • Paying attention to detail in order to correctly report and interpret information

  • Being highly organized to handle requests and information coming in from various directions

  • Exhibiting exceptional time management skills in order to meet deadlines

  • Respecting confidentiality of personal data with which they may come into contact

  • Communicating well to help clients understand what is needed