Job Details

Building Superintendent/Ice Technician (12031, Grade 18)


Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC






Montgomery County, Maryland, United States


Administrative, Customer Service, Operations and Logistics, Facilities Management




Examples of Important Duties


  • Manage and perform maintenance on three ice surfaces (NHL, Studio, Olympic): perform proper ice maintenance procedures including resurfacing, measurements, edging, etc. on a regular schedule. Ensure ice rink is always in good condition including dasher boards, glass, doors, kickplates, hockey boxes, Zamboni doors, threshold, netting, etc. Make repairs or replace as needed. Maintain and repair hockey nets.
  • Under the direction of the Enterprise Coordinator, assist with preventative maintenance on all ice equipment: perform routine maintenance on three Zamboni's and ice edgers as well as basic repairs. 
  • Assist with the maintenance of the two refrigeration systems (Glycol/R22 & Ammonia) and other associated components to include compressors, two dehumidification units, two cooling towers, etc.: perform routine tasks, record readings and other information.
  • Manage and oversee the Rental Skate Inventory: maintain rental skates by performing regular sharpening, replacing laces, insoles, rivet and recording information. Make recommendations on rental skate replacement and procure them.
  • Maintain the two skate sharpening machines: keep machine clean and in proper working order. Order replacement stones, filters, diamond tips, etc. as needed.
  • In conjunction with the Enterprise Coordinator, oversee the building maintenance (interior and exterior), service and projects. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, security system, CO sensors, equipment control systems, fire suppression system, roof, keys, locks and other major building systems.
  • Assist the Enterprise Coordinator with managing and overseeing renovations and building projects.
  • Ensure the overall building/rinks are clean and repairs are completed in a timely manner.
  • Maintain Air Quality Standards by assisting in the documentation of meter readings.
  • Submit service requests when needed – follow up on work and track progress.
  • Assist Enterprise Coordinator and Facility Manager with budget formulation of equipment and supply needs. Monitors and tracks expenditures. Controls expenditures in accordance with approved budget. 
  • Order maintenance supplies.
  • Obtain price quotes for materials and supplies as well as new and replacement equipment.
  • Complete required administrative paperwork and recordkeeping: inventory of supplies and materials, facility and ice maintenance, refrigeration systems readings, and timecards, etc.
  • Assemble information and prepares selected reports as directed by supervisor.
  • Conduct Research. Attend professional seminars and trainings to keep up with industry standards, learn new techniques in maintaining ice rinks, and recommending new/upgrades to equipment for the facility.

Records Management

  • Maintain and update all inventory of power equipment, tools, safety equipment, refrigeration equipment, and ice equipment, etc.
  • Completes maintenance records of all equipment ensures all readings and maintenance is completed and documented.
  • Completes Inspection records as directed by supervisor. 
  • Completes staff training records on all ice equipment including maintenance and operating (Zamboni, edgers), skate sharpener, and ice maintenance (measurements).

Supervision of Staff

  • Recruits, hires, and trains staff.
  • Assigns and schedules the work of staff.
  • Assists in staff trainings of performing ice maintenance, safely operating equipment, and monitoring refrigeration systems.
  • Evaluates and counsel's staff's performance
  • Initiates disciplinary actions.
  • Approves timecards and leave requests.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree or four years of experience in one of the following fields: parks, recreation, education, business administration, physical education, communication, leisure services, or in area of required specialty; and
  2.  Two years of responsible professional experience working in a facility related to parks, recreation, education, business administration, health education, physical education, communication, leisure services, or area of required specialty; or
  3. An equivalent combination of education and experience;
  4.  A valid driver's license or ability to acquire one; and
  5.  A valid operating license (e.g., county pool operator's, child care license) as appropriate.

Supplemental Information

The incumbent will be expected to work flexible hours, including weekends, holidays, and serve as a manager on duty during various scheduled shifts.