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Seeking Kinetic Explosives Detection Dog Handlers (K9) - Commercial Services Division for CA, TX, MD

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Kinetic Explosives Detection Dog Handlers - Commercial Services Division

Full Time

As our Dynamic K9 Program continues to grow across the country we are looking for handlers to join our team at GK9PG. It is an exciting time in Commercial Services with a group of Clients who lead their respective industries we appreciable and acknowledge how important every team we work with to provide a customized solution is to our GK9PG Family. Cutting edge technology, World-Class Canine Professionals, and Auburn University Canine Performance Sciences dogs are at the forefront of our commercial program. Sports, Entertainment, Parks & Attractions and Technology we have opportunities for qualified candidates apply now.

GK9PG is currently hiring Kinetic Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Handlers for our Commercial Service Division. EDD K9 Teams are primarily responsible for providing safety and security screening at public and private venues as client worksites.

Conducting searches at client sites with a trained Dynamic Detection Canine
Working alongside client’s security personnel, law enforcement, and partners
Performing handler duties while commanding assigned canine
Being available for emergency response duty, standby duty, and client demonstrations, which include, weekends, holidays, nights and overnights
Maintaining all required records, certifications, and security clearances

2 years of documented K9 handling experience
Successful completion of GK9PG training program
Must have adequate transportation to transport assigned canine and crate to and from assigned work location
Valid driver’s license and clear driving record
Effective communication and organizational skills
Ability to identify problems, suggest solutions, and respond quickly with a high degree of attention and foresight

We are hiring in the following locations:
San Francisco & San Jose, Northern California
Southern California
San Antonio & Arlington, Texas