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Research Scientist for Norco CA

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Research Scientist
Better Nutritionals, LLC, (BN) a premium gummy manufacturer providing innovative nutritional value that is created to improve the quality of customers’ lives; is seeking to add a leader to our team as our company accelerates on an exciting growth curve.
We are seeking an exceptional candidate, with a balanced approach to achieving high-quality, consistent results assuring that the products delivered to our customers exceed their expectations.
This role is to execute product development and food science/research-type work in support of the Better Nutritionals Research & Development department initiatives. Better Nutritionals is known for innovation and has the most extensive active certification accreditation of any company in its industry space. Maintaining and growing these significant credits requires discipline, a strong research team, and continuous improvement in the areas of product development and food science.
Here are the hours of operations in manufacturing at Better Nutritionals (BN)
First Shift: 5:00 AM – 01:30 PM
Second Shift: 01:00 PM – 09:30 PM
Third Shift: 9:00 PM – 05:30 AM
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This candidate will have effective experience in the food science and food chemistry field. This candidate must understand how to operate effectively in a regulated environment. Command of areas of food safety, food chemistry, and GMP, are foundational to the role.

The scope of the role, in the context of people, will be to collaborate effectively with BN associates in Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, and support roles. BN’s R&D organization must be a lean, efficient group that executes with excellence and delivers on the goals of providing our customers with the highest quality and most innovative nutritional products in the industry. Assessing ingredients and formulations, designing data collection, data analysis, and providing professional product recommendations are all included in this role. Results must be measurable. A highly effective working relationship must be established and maintained with the partners in manufacturing, fostering a culture of quality, innovation, and constant awareness of the needs of BN’s customers.

Requirements for a qualified candidate:
As a small but rapidly growing firm, any researcher in this organization must be committed to demonstrating the ability to “jump in” and do what is necessary to achieve the BN standards and deliver to our customers, while possessing the maturity to know when to step back, assess, and make the right decisions for the organization.
A Master’s degree in Food Science, Chemical Engineering, or Nutrition Science is required.
Significant knowledge of food safety, lab safety, and GMPs is strongly desired, and necessary as a foundation.
Significant experience in operating in a lab environment is foundational. Any additional experience in food and/or nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals is a big plus.
Knowledge of the techniques and fundamental requirements for assuring the integrity of laboratory information is expected, including the maintenance of a laboratory notebook, calibration of equipment, and proper use and maintenance of equipment.
Significant experience with material analysis (HPLC, MS, MS-MS, Rheometers, Colorimeters, Texture analyzers, etc)
Ability to develop and validate sample preparations for novel delivery formats
Ability to develop and validate methods of analysis for novel ingredients in novel matrices
Significant experience with the publication of scientific findings to ensure R&D remains at the forefront of the scientific community
Communication skills: listening and verbal and written, will be an asset to a strong candidate. The role requires clear verbal/written communication skills and thoughtful decision-making.
The ability to take complex concepts and translate them into easily understandable concepts for customers is a highly desirable skill.
Knowledge of food chemistry paramount. The ability to troubleshoot and innovate with novel ingredients is a cornerstone for the role.
Confidence in the scientific method, development of designs of experiments, and analyzing laboratory results, are needed for the role.
Working closely with customers, integrating customer requirements evolving in a customer-centric business is also highly desired.
Achieving and delivering timely business results, in a manner consistent with Better Nutritional’s values, is requisite for this role.
Fluency in both English and Spanish is very desirable, but not required.

Requirements for working with the BN team:
Better Nutritionals creates and manufactures products that improve the quality of life. Our premium products demand high-level performance.
The foundation of our business is: Caring.

Better Nutritionals is grounded in the following four value sets:
Our Customer & Growth
Food Safety & Compliance
Operational Excellence
Enriching our People

The employees of Better Nutritionals must embrace these four pillars of value with passion. The work we do makes a difference. Better Nutritionals is a leader in its space, because of its people.

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Other Work-Related Expectations:
40 hour, 5-day work week, with work schedules requiring some weekend work and off-shift work coverage. Occasional travel may be required.
Lifting materials and objects of weights greater than 20 pounds will likely be incurred.
The role involves a large amount of walking and standing, with sitting being part of the role, as well. Percentages depend of the work of the day.
Time working on the computer will be required.
This is a manufacturing floor–type position inclusive of desk work. There are requirements to be in the direct manufacturing, pilot plant, and warehouse locations. Manufacturing can expose an employee to high-temperature equipment, large machinery, piping that’s hot or under pressure, corrosives, flammables, noise, and other manufacturing and lab-related hazards.
Wearing of PPE is not only required by policy but needed to ensure the safety of our people. Compliance with safety and PPE requirements is mandatory for employment. GMP compliance and being a role model for GMP are requisite.
It is expected that the hours for this role will be set so there is some overlap with both the preceding and the following shift.
The current manufacturing and offices for Better Nutritionals, LLC are located in Gardena, CA. Assistance for startup facility and equipment may be required in Norco, CA.