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Language and Cultural Services Lead - Afghan Resettlement Support - for CA, TX &DC








Oklahoma, United States


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Language and Cultural Services Lead - Afghan Resettlement Support - Multiple Locations, US

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Language and Cultural Services Lead - Afghan Resettlement Support - Multiple Locations, US
Location:  Multiple locations throughout U.S. -  Sacramento, CA -  TX, Austin, TX, Houston, TX - Washington DC
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Serves as a community interpreter for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals in a simultaneous mode. Relays critical information between speakers of two different languages in compliance with ACF Afghan Resettlement Support Program policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilties

Includes the following:
Selects appropriate mode of interpretation for each situation.
Interprets with highest degree of accuracy and completeness in consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation modes.
Self-corrects, understands own linguistic limitations, seeks clarification and accepts correction.
Practices active listening and picks up cues from encounter participants regarding level of understanding and/or need for clarification, as well as understanding of interpretation process.
Understands language as an expression of culture, recognizes the underlying assumptions of each party about the encounter, its content and context; uses this understanding to empower patient and provider to better understand each other.
Explains role of the interpreter to clients.
Recognizes the complexity of the case management service and added factor of linguistic barrier.
Sets tone of the client encounter to manage spatial configuration and flow of communication to preserve accuracy and completeness, and to assess and address potential areas of discomfort for patient (age, gender of interpreter, no previous experience with interpreters).
Encourages and fosters direct communication between provider and client.
Maintains professional distance and integrity.
Diffuses conflict between parties by remaining calm and impartial.
Clarifies instructions, follow up steps in a diplomatic, effective manner.
Serves as a cultural and linguistic resource to both clients and case managers to contribute to successful outcomes.
Intervenes as intercultural mediator when communication is compromised by culture-bound messages.
Avoids generalizations and stereotyping
Uses culturally appropriate behavior and is able to choose appropriate time to clarify or interject by respecting the goals of the encounter.
Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Supervisory/Management Authority
No supervisory/management authority.

Education and Experience
Equivalent Combination of education and experience will be considered. Fluently speaks one or all Pahstu/Dari/Farsi/Pashto and English.  Experience working in multicultural environments and/or human services field is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Fluently speaks one or all Pahstu/Dari/Farsi/Pashto and English.
Experience providing language interpreting services on a paid or volunteer capacity.
Must be proficient with Microsoft Outlook, and experience with online-based platforms is preferred.
Ability to pass an extensive Federal, State and County background check.

Work Environment
Work is primarily performed in a climate-controlled office environment. Work will be performed in a climate-controlled office environment. Travel is required up to 75% of the time if not located in local area.

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