Job Details

NLP Analyst








Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Manufacturing and Production




- 1+ years of hands on experience in Machine Learning OR Artificial intelligence related to Natural language processing and or Computational linguistics
- Experience in either Java or C/C++ and any one of scripting languages like Perl/Python/ JavaScript
- Application of machine learning algorithms and techniques for natural language processing.
- Experience with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques.
- Sound knowledge in Syntax and Semantic processing using statistical methodologies and/or Chatscript
- Experience in applied linguistics & NLP
- Expert in English language (vocabulary & sentence formation)
- Data analytics (text mining and understanding the data clusters), Node.js and scripting.
- Good knowledge on content categorization algorithms
- Research, design and development of natural language processing algorithms

- Build content for chatbot and define an efficient process for identifying targeted follow-up questions based on keywords.
- Research and analyze the scope of intent within the linguistic and technical dimensions of chatbot’s capabilities.
- Work with developers, product, and engineering teams to maximize conversions while ensuring a great user experience.
- Understand how Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are integral to chatbot development.
- Analyze chat history and optimize intents.
- Experiment with different content formats and styles to deliver unique user experiences.
- Drive continual content refinement and improvement through content experiments, user feedback, and analysis of performance metrics.
- Create conversational flows to suit the requirements.
- Train the chatbot accordingly to understand the linguistic variations of diverse types of users.