Job Details

Shipping Coordinator


Gerdau North America






Midlothian, Texas, United States


Administration and Management




This position is open for domestic candidates only

Summary : This position is responsible for maintaining accuracy and integrity of Finished Goods Inventory with production and shipment volume in exceeding 2 million tons annually. The position is responsible for transactions included in maintaining the Finished Goods Inventory from all sources including Bar Mill, Large Section Mill, Medium Section Mill, Offline Processes, Depots, 3rd Party Processing, and Downstream . The position monitors all transaction related to Inventory in the SAP system. This position is responsible for a wide variety of functions within the Inventory system.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Responsibilities include all aspects of FG inventory sourcing from Bar Mill, Medium Section Mill, Large Section Mill, Offline Processes, Depots, 3rd Party Processing, Downstream and any other current or future inventory sources.
  • Monitor all inventory transactions for accuracy and completeness.
  • Maintain integrity of inventory transactions, researching and resolving any discrepancies, errors, failed transactions, or anomalies.
  • Balance daily production, SAP vs QMOS, reconciling any discrepancies
  • Interface with Quality department on "in-month" scrap process, reclasses, and other quality-related issues.
  • Interface with mill production groups for various production errors, rework transactions, and other inventory adjustments.
  • Tag Audit/Cycle Count process - monitor, track, and process audits: required 96% count completeness by SKU per 6 month counting period.
  • Perform all inventory adjustments and functions required for routine goods receipts, goods issues, and modifications as well as specialized categories of inventory transactions including, but not limited to, Blocked tons, Small bundles, Scrap, ICT (transfers to CC for Department use), Aged inventory, FP95, FP90, and FP91, 3rd Party Processing, Depots, and Customer Returns.
  • Understand SAP inventory IM level and WHM level and know how to perform various inventory adjustments for both.
  • Monitor in-transit shipments, complete goods receipts, research and resolve any discrepancies for in-bound process, including billet receipts and tracking.
  • Process out-bound "virtual" shipments for customer claims/complaints, research and resolve any tag discrepancies or shipping errors, and monitor non-shipped loads to ensure all shipments are relieved from inventory and billed to customer.
  • Balance end-of-month inventories for all offsite facilities (depots & 3rd party processors). Research and reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Interface with Sales personnel to resolve issues related to Orders, Shipments, Customer Claims and other sales/customer related issues, including Returns and Virtual Shipments.
  • Understand and know how to work with various Logistics & Inventory Power BI Dashboards and reports - (WMS dashboard, Cycle Count Dashboard, etc.)
  • Generate reports as required from various systems as relate to inventory.
  • Print various types of physical Inventory tags as required from QMOS, Offline Tag Print Utility, and special tagging software
  • Maintain SAP Storage Bins (Yard Locations) including Bay of Appointment table, Transporeon, and Scanning App updates.
  • Maintain QMOS Security Set-up and User Rights for Logistics employees
  • Maintain inventory records as required for document retention schedule
  • Review and analyze processes to determine possible revisions for improved efficiencies and accuracy.
  • Test software releases as required for new developments, enhancements, revisions, repairs, or upgrades of current software for SAP, and all other systems and processes.
  • Maintain current job instructions for inventory functions.
  • Provide training for personnel on Inventory processes and SAP functions.
  • Collaborate with inventory/logistics personnel from other Gerdau plants or corporate on various Inventory projects and processes.
  • Routinely performs duties of the Inventory Coordinator.
  • Employ troubleshooting techniques and analytical skills to research and resolve issues related to inventory discrepancies in both mill system and SAP.
  • Perform other duties or special projects as assigned.
  • Will perform backup role for various positions within the department.
  • This position is also responsible for various HR/Payroll duties for the department including assigning schedules in UKG (Kronos) payroll system, tracking time off and attendance points, monitoring pay-close to ensure all exceptions are cleared, points assigned or cleared correctly, and timecards approved, maintain department staffing list, and maintain employee data records for various reports and other purposes such as performance reviews, birthday report, etc.

  • Environment : 100% Indoors (office environment)

    Physical Requirements :

    • Ability to tolerate prolonged sitting or standing.
    • Ability to type using both hands.
    • Reach, squat, bend from trunk, and carry objects.
    • Lift/carry supplies of various dimensions and weights.
    • Push/pull.

    Personal Protective Equipment :

    Required: Hard hat with chin strap

    Requirements/Skills :

    • High School Diploma
    • High-level work experience in related field.
    • Proficient with personal computers and applications such as Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and other software.
    • Need proficiency and accuracy with 10-key/numeric data entry.
    • Must be able to read, write, and perform advanced mathematical calculations.
    • Must have good mechanical ability and reasoning.
    • Must be highly computer literate
    • Must be self-motivated and able to prioritize workload in an efficient manner.
    • Must have skills and abilities to evaluate facts for decision-making process.
    • Competent operating standard office equipment.
    • Good written and verbal communication skills.
    • Must be able to communicate effectively through email and clearly convey information as required through multiple exchanges.
    • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks efficiently.
    • Ability to perform well in a "TEAM" environment.
    • Complete product and process knowledge.
    • Strong problem-solving, analytical, and auditing skills.