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Accounts Receivable Team Lead

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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico






- Supervise/lead alongside other our managers: training, task delegation, morale building, and overall leadership.
- Serve as the point of contact for the team in the Hermosillo office for assistance in any complex billing situations or complex issues that may arise. Have the ability to summarize the findings to present to the corporate office.
- Oversee timely and accurate customer billing and cash receipts processing. Audit billing processes for accuracy and keeps the corporate office updates on any
potential issues or delays.
- Oversee monthly ar close processes with strict adherence to deadlines.
- Properly record and apply cash, manage outstanding receivables, process credit, and debit memos, and oversee interaction between billing team and customers on
collection matters and dispute resolution.
- Ad hoc tasks as assigned by the sr. Accounts receivable manager.
- Prepare employee reviews, and help interview prospective employees.
- Communicate any employee unsatisfactory issues to the corporate office, Hermosillo office, and employees.
- Maintain employee time cards and send a summary to the corporate office.
- Ability to deliver transparency when speaking to the corporate office about the team in Hermosillo tasks, deadlines, workload, coverage, etc.
- Communicate any employee transportation, vacation, and other similar issues to the corporate office.
- Develop a path to promotion alongside and with guidance from the director of ar in Los Angeles
- Provide reporting to the corporate office of employee metrics, attendance, and all other information needed to access the team's success.
- Join in corporate office manager meetings.