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Quality Control Assistant Manager

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Rockstar Personnel LLC






Huntsville, AL, Alabama, United States


Management and Executive, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Production, Operations and Logistics




The Main Purpose of this position includes:
1. Responsible for implementing and supporting maintenance of the Quality Management System within the region, serving as a liaison for Quality & Compliance Management Team (Q-CMT) through administration of policies and procedures and escalating data, concerns and improvements to Station Management.
2. Ensuring closure and documentation of all Audits conducted, including issuance and completion of all Nonconformance Reports (Corrective Actions, Action Items, etc.)
3. Monitoring, Data Analysis and Reporting on quality and compliance-related activities and systems for communication to members of the Region, Q-CMT, CMD and other regulatory oversight committees (i.e. ECCT, etc.).
Essential Duties:
• Participate in Internal Audit Program
• Prepare departments for and participate in External Audits
• Ensure local audit schedules are prepared, posted and are being carried out.
• Close Audits, Issue Nonconformance Reports (Corrective Actions, Action Items, etc.) and provide regional analysis and reporting on audit results.
Quality Compliance
• Monitor & Compile Data for Analysis related to Quality System KPI results and Quality Management System compliance at routine intervals to ensure suitability and effectiveness of Quality System Compliance and related Database/System usage
• Ensure corrective actions are addressed and closed in a timely manner and contain documented verification of effectiveness or are escalated accordingly.
• Provide input into and editing of Policies, Procedures and other related materials.
• Develop Training Materials and provide training/seminars in key areas of Quality Management System knowledge, as needed.
Regulatory / Security
• Monitor compliance with related regulatory and security areas, including CCSF, Export Administration Regulations, ISO, C-TPAT, DOT and Facility security.
• Review safety processes to ensure compliance with OSHA and other agencies and meeting NEUS safety expecations.
• Create and update safety protocols as needed and provide training
• Create department safety committee and facilitate meetings
• Escalating data, concerns, and improvements to Branch Management to promote safetly awareness and improvement of Quality Management System.
• Collect and compile data for analysis and presentation at related Regional, Divisional and Committee meetings.
• Communicate announcements via email and regional Notices to Regional staff
• Provide follow-up reporting to Registrars, Auditors and CMD as necessary.
• Support addressing of issues related to violations, mitigations or other disclosures, as required.
Minimum Requirements:
• Associates, Bachelors or Equivalent/Related Industry experience
• Advanced Knowledge of MS Office Products, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint
• Strong organization and communication skills
• Capability to schedule, organize and work independently.
• Knowledge of Compliance and Performance Standards (ISO 9001)
• Knowledge of Regulatory & Industry Standards
• Strong Teamwork skills