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Digital Trafficker (Marketing)

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


Administrative, Sales and Marketing




Job brief
A Trafficker will serve as a key member of the marketing team in order to increase brand awareness, drive
conversions, reduce cost per lead and ultimately generate revenue.
This position requires a big-picture thinker with the ability to effectively manage paid marketing campaigns
across video, audio, paid search, social, and programmatic channels continually monitoring marketing
effectiveness and identifying opportunities across a range of KPIs and developing regular reporting schedules.


 Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.
 Bachelor's degree in business, advertising, marketing, or communications.
 3+ years of experience in Paid Marketing planning and execution.
 Success driving results across paid search, paid social, display and affiliate
channels both mobile and desktop (e.g., Facebook/IG, Twitter,
Linkedin,Google, Bing, Tik Tok)
 Understanding of optimization algorithms, bid types, targeting, and buying
strategies across existing and emerging marketing platforms.
 Proven experience with Meta Business Suite, Google Ads Manager and
modern business intelligence tools.


 Conduct customer, competitive, keyword and industry research that yields
high-performing creative, campaigns, and bidding strategies.
 Provide data-driven recommendations to the creative team to inform new
asset creation
 Optimize spending strategy leveraging key target audience segments,
geographies, audience funnel opportunities, and a strong A/B testing
 Monitors and reports on KPIs, general advertising and trends to inform new
and existing marketing and communications strategies.
 Partner with external agency to structure, launch and manage campaigns
using relevant third-party advertising platforms.
 Actively identify new opportunities for optimizations and testing and work
with internal analytics teams and external agencies to assess opportunity
and feasibility.