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Core GIS System Administration and Support Engineer

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The Hague, Netherlands





Core GIS System Administration and Support Engineer


The Hague, the Netherlands


Skills, knowledge, experience required:


  • Proven experience in the operation & maintenance of a GIS Enterprise solutions based on ArcGIS 10.7.x, in the areas of trouble‐shooting of errors and problems, as well as the design, development, implementation, and documentation of solutions;
  • Detailed technical Knowledge in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all Esri products (server and client side) that are required in the NATO enterprise GIS environment;
  • Expertise in IT infrastructure and platform services (such as databases, virtualization platforms, network components) to the extent as it is required for the designs, operation, & maintenance and diagnosis of an enterprise GIS;
  • Very good overview of the current ArcGIS SW suite desktop/server/web components as it is relevant for the design of future Core GIS baselines.
  • Proven experience in:
    • The implementation of GIS/Enterprise Information System frameworks and software solutions from requirements gathering through architecture; development, testing, tuning, deployment, and maintenance operations;
    • The automated administration and management of ArcGIS components using the applicable Esri APIs and SDKs. This includes proved experience in programming and software development with web services, REST, Python, JavaScript, and the corresponding SDKs;
    • In the development of tailored GIS services and automation of GIS production workflows in support of Enterprise Information Systems;
    • Knowledge of Enterprise geodatabases;
    • System Management Experience in IT Systems.



  • Creating training material and training exercises for the "CoreGIS for system admins" training course;
  • Operating and Maintaining of the Core GIS Reference System and Training Environment for NATO Core GIS;
  • Assisting all the Core GIS SDM in technical preparation of the "CoreGIS for system admins" training course, setupping the training environment and conducting of the course at the NCIA Academy;
  • Daily Operating and Maintaining (O&M) activities for the NATO Core GIS sites locate across the NATO Command Stricture/Allied Command Operations;
  • Technical experting and taking responsibility to monitor the enterprise incident management system, manage incident resolution, diagnose faults, determine root causes, and provide technical expertise to resolve incidents and their causes;
  • Providing problem management in order to identify and resolve the underlying root causes for incidents related to NATO Core GIS, and supporings other GIS engineers in the development of solutions in response to problems;
  • Designing, developing, accrediting, and rolling‐out the system changes in the current Core GIS software baseline;
  • Analysing, designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining the authorized software changes, related applications software and the integration/tailoring of vendor‐supplied components, following establishing procedures for quality, configuration control, testing, documentation and security.

For further information, please contact:

+48 601 816 066