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Seeking Business Development Executive - Executive and HR Suites - Remote work

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Business Development Executive - Executive and HR Suites - Remote work

Full Time   Remote Work

Job title: Business Development Executive - Executive and HR Suites
Location: Remote, Contract Basis
Compensation: 10-15% Commission on Total Deal + 10% Recurring Revenue
Growth Pathway: Opportunity to quickly move into an Account Management position

The Business Development Executive will autonomously find, contact, and nurture relationships with executives and HR suites to drive business growth and revenue. They will develop and implement a strategy for targeting and engaging with key decision-makers, initiate conversations, and facilitate introductions to our "closers" to help close deals. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's degree, or ~4 years of practical, real-world experience, in business administration, marketing, or related field, along with a proven track record of success in business development, strong communication, and relationship-building skills, and the ability to work autonomously. This is an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing team and make a significant impact on the success of our organization.

Key Responsibilities:
•Lead Generation: Identify potential clients using various methods such as cold calling, networking, or leveraging an existing network.
•Lead Nurturing: Develop relationships with potential clients, understanding their needs and positioning our coaching and training services as solutions.
•Sales Calls: Conduct individual sales calls to potential clients, presenting our services and addressing any questions or concerns.
•Reporting and Data Management: Track and report all sales activities, and maintain accurate records of client data and sales performance using CRM systems.
•Sales Strategy Development: Collaborate with the executive team to develop and execute a sales strategy that generates new business and drives revenue growth.

What We Offer:
•A competitive commission structure, with 10-15% of the total deal plus 10% of recurring revenue
•Long-Term Partnership Potential
•A clear growth pathway within the organization, with the opportunity to progress into Management and Executive roles
•Opportunity to receive an equity package
•A fully remote, contract-based position providing flexibility and work-life balance
•The chance to work with a dynamic and passionate team of professionals

Candidate Profile:
•Previous sales experience
•An existing network of contacts that can be leveraged for lead generation
•A proven track record of successful b2b business development
•Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills
•Self-motivated and able to work independently
•Strong organizational and time-management skills
•Commitment to ongoing learning and personal development
•Commitment to company vision and mission; passionate about the company's mission and vision for growth and innovation
•Proficient in using CRM systems and sales tools

Expectations from the Business Development Specialist:
Business Development Plan:
•We expect the Business Development Specialist to create a comprehensive business development plan that outlines their approach to identifying, nurturing, handing off leads, and eventually converting leads.
•This plan should include the tools, resources, and strategies required for successful execution.
•We encourage open communication with the executive team to ensure we can provide the necessary support and resources for optimal results.
•The Business Development Specialist is expected to be resourceful and proactive in their efforts to first generate leads and build warm relationships. They should be able to independently identify and utilize the tools and strategies necessary to succeed in their role while demonstrating a willingness to seek support and guidance when needed. Second, be resourced and equipped to close deals.
•The Business Development Specialist is expected to provide daily updates on their progress and activities, as well as weekly reports summarizing their achievements, challenges, and areas for improvement.
•Adaptability and Continuous Improvement: As the business landscape evolves, we expect the Business Development Specialist to be adaptable and open to refining their approach and strategies. They should be willing to learn from their experiences, stay informed about industry trends, and continuously seek ways to improve their performance.
•Collaboration and Teamwork:  While the Business Development Specialist will be working independently, they are still an integral part of our team.
•We expect them to collaborate effectively with the executive team, sharing insights, ideas, and feedback to help drive the success of our coaching and training business. Maintaining a positive attitude and demonstrating a commitment to our shared goals will be crucial in fostering a supportive and productive work environment.

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About Paradigm:
Paradigm is a leading coaching and training company in holistic health and performance, offering customized solutions to drive wellness, success, and performance for businesses. We are currently seeking an experienced and ambitious Business Development Specialist to join our team and help us expand our reach.

Empowering Executives & Teams to:
Conquer burnout, overcome imposter syndrome, achieve work-life balance, utilize vulnerability, and boost productivity; while addressing the hidden struggles that often go unnoticed by organizations.

Products & Services
Paradigm Shift: A comprehensive blend of 1-on-1 coaching, our “Burnout Bio-marker Matrix” testing kit, self-guided assessments, access to our accountability & goal tracking tools, and an SMS scheduled drip of evidence-based content.
Paradigm Lite: The lite version of our program that includes our tech stack of assessments, tools, and SMS-scheduled content.
Our entire user experience is SMS-based & mobile native; this is to integrate seamlessly for daily utilization & to maximize both: engagement and impact.